Threats to Society

Threats to Society

How secushare is not a breeding ground for extremism

Users of secushare are socially connected to each other. This has the side effect that extremists of any kind cannot openly advertize their interests as they would get socially isolated by their ethically disagreeing social neighborhood.

We see it everyday in our Tor-based chatroom. People asking to trade guns or rape videos. They can get away with it because Tor gives them non-social anonymity while allowing them to communicate. In secushare they would have real friendships and a reputation to lose.

Only social groups that already found each other in non-social anonymous platforms would be able to migrate to secushare as a group. Contrary to most existing "darknet" platforms, secushare would not foster the creation of new such aggregations.

How we can deal with lawful interception

secushare is intended to protect from bulk surveillance, at least on the technological layers it operates on. Its threat model however does not impede targeted surveillance of dangerous individuals, either by using social means of infiltration of dangerous groups or by using technical means of subversion of hardware of individuals.

Don't count on us being in favour of any further measures for lawful access while the Internet is totally broken. First we deal with the big problem, then we talk about the small one.

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