Requirements for Prototype Edition

Requirements for Prototype Edition

Encryption & Security

  • ✓ encryption – encrypted 1:1 communication
  • ✓ privacy – the friendship network itself is private and not accessible by servers

Status Updates

  • ⊕ status update to all friends

Photos, videos etc are just files, which the receiving user interface may be able to handle beautifully, or just like files. You can also use this to synchronize your private files on different computers of yours, by making a channel that only these computers subscribe to.


  • ⊕ make & confirm friendships
  • ✓ 1:1 messaging with friends

News Feed & Notifications

  • ⊝ display notifications for requests, messages, etc.

GNUnet Features

  • ⊝ NAT traversal!


  • ⊕ graphical user interface

Should run a full fledged node so it can do file exchanges naturally. Mobile is further down the road, re-using the code for desktop. The problem is getting our daemons onto mobile operating systems.