What is an identity on secushare

secushare allows you to allocate as many identities to yourself as you like. Technically they are called egos. Each of them is a '''public key''' in terms of cryptography which also serves as unique identifier that PSYC and GNUnet can route packets to and multicast from.

secushare will automate most of the creation of identities in such a way that you can anonymously surf business web sites, follow public announcement pages without revealing who you are.

On other occasions you will want to keep circles of contacts separate from each other. secushare will guide you in the process to safely achieve your expectations of privacy as you add contacts. See aspects for an illustration of that.

Of course the best synergy effects of social networking take place when you let your friends interact, so your choice between social and non-social affects how much you get out of secushare.

In any case the most important kind of privacy is respected: spooks and other outside observers are no longer granted an insight into your life.

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