secushare Channels

secushare Channels

Channels of Distributed Data

Once we have a prototype of the technology, we can look into organizing our social network into groups with differing views of our profile data. This is a well understood problem mostly with Facebook, that has been addressed by several fresher technologies such as Diaspora, Sonico and even Google Plus.

PSYC supports this on a lower routing level with something we call channels. By organizing your social network into different channels they get different views of your distributed state. Since each channel spans its own multicast tree, this is actually even very efficient.

Also, PSYC's channels have a concept of hierarchy and inheritance letting you see specific data for you in the same distribution with more general data that everybody else is getting, too. So it's likely to be more advanced than current approaches in putting people's data into aspects, lists or circles.

Hopefully that will translate into actual tangible features.

Update: Pinterest has it a bit more like we mean it…